U-Pick Apples

It doesn’t take long to quickly fill a bag of apples to take home to eat fresh or make into applesauce. Supermarket apples don’t even come close to the freshly picked taste of a ripe apple off the tree. Have confidence in knowing where your produce comes from.

U-Pick Apple Varieties we have are: Mollie Delicious, McIntosh, Gala, Mutsu, & Cortland. Each variety is ready at different times in the season so follow us on Facebook, Instagram, or give us a call to see what is available for U-Pick.

U-PICK is closed for the 2020 season due to loosing the majority of our apples to the frost this spring.

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Choose from a 1/2 peck, peck, or 1/2 bushel bag. If you are unable to pick your own apples, you can call ahead and order. (must be a minimum order of 1 bushel)

U-Pick Bag Pricing

  • 1/2 Peck Bag – $7.00
  • Peck Bag – $12.50
  • 1/2 Bushel – $20.00

Please do not climb the trees for your safety and the health of the trees. We provide apple pickers to reach that perfect apple just out of reach. If you drop apples while picking, they are still good to keep. Our policy is if you pick it, you keep it.

apple orchard | Hillside Acres | Mutsu | Cortland |

Apple Tips:

Storage of Apples: To keep your apples fresh and crisp, store in the refrigerator with moisture (damp paper towel or spritz with water). Remember to wash your apples right before eating.

Summer apples are softer and more mild. Fall apples are stronger in flavor, more firm, and store well until winter. Winter apples store the best, have thicker skins, and stronger flavor.

Good choices for applesauce: Cortland, or McIntosh.

McIntosh | u-pick farm | apple orchard | Hillside Acres | fresh apple

Apple Cider info: We press our own cider and use a mix of sweet & tart apples to get the best taste. Fresh cider is ready around the middle of September depending on our apple crop for the year.

Custom Pressing: We will be taking orders to custom press your apples for cider on Wednesday’s. Contact Reuben Hufford at 765.714.4662 or email him at rjhufford98@gmail.com to make your appointment. 4 Bushel minimum order.

Prices: $2.00/gallon & $1.25/half gallon – ask about bringing your own gallon/half gallon jugs for a discount

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