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What’s your favorite kind of pumpkin? We grow a 7 acre patch of pumpkins and gourds for you to come pick with your family or you can purchase some freshly picked in our country market.

Every year we plant around 25-30 different varieties of pumpkins as well as gourds & Indian Corn! Some of our favorite pumpkins are Blue Dolls, Snowballs & Cinderella’s Carriage pumpkins.

All of our picked pumpkins up by the market and down in the pumpkin patch are sold separately by size. See the size chart when you get off the hayride wagons and in front of the market to size your pumpkins. Price range from $1.25-$15.00

General admission does not include pumpkins. Please ask any of our employees if you have any questions about sizes.

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Pumpkin Wall